POLYCARBONATE SOLID-DERIVED SHEETS derived solid sheet is made of polycarbonate solid sheet is derived from customized plates for a more refined application market, the specter particulate solid plate commonly used in interior decoration, cut off; Bao bare diffusion plate commonly used in fire rating more high lighting system, the specter of anti-scratch sheet used in security, touch screen and other high-end, more derivative sheet, please call specter.

The quality of survival to the scale of development

focused, specific, professional polycarbonate sheets do research, create brilliant sunshine industry.

double rectangle is the most common kind of sun-plate type, light transmittance outstanding, easy to install, easy to process, commonly used in conventional architectural lighting needs, such as plant skylights , greenhouses, carports and other channels.

advanced UV co-extrusion technology, to ensure that the UV resistance specter sun panels strong, able to meet the 10 year warranty under outdoor conditions.

specter double rectangular plate has 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm can choose a variety of thicknesses.



Rugged plastic

PC plastic material is excellent, as the materials are widely used worldwide, PC has its good advantage, is an excellent overall performance of the amorphous thermoplastic resin has excellent electrical insulating properties, elongation, size stability and chemical resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance.


High transparency

Hollow sheet with high light transmittance, UV surface layer prevents yellowing aging sheet, long-term to maintain a high light transmittance.

* UV coextrusion technology can be divided into single-sided and double-sided, for all the specter of hollow structural plate structure section.



To ensure the thickness and flatness of the UV layer, selection of high concentration of UV raw materials, using advanced multi-layer co-extrusion process to ensure that all Glory plate light transmittance and anti-aging and other parameters to achieve 10 years of quality assurance.



Universal sun panels polycarbonate sheet base class type plate, with lightweight, high strength characteristics, along with a certain amount of insulation function. Such superior transmittance plate.

Technical Data



Standard Width Standard Length Density Color
1.5 1200-2100 6000mm

no length limit for sheets thinner than 4mm

1.2 clear

lake blue





Soundproof effects





Sound Reduction Value

2 23
3 25
4 27
5 28
6 29
8 31
10 32
12 34

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